Shaving Soaps

I made this soap for husband. He was breaking out from the sensitive skin formula shaving creams he was using.  (Must be all of those chemicals.) Loaded with oils that have been formulated to lather well and to maintain that lather throughout your shaving experience. Organic Coconut Oil, Sustainable Organic Palm Oil, and Olive Oil are used for this shaving formulation as well as rich Castor Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Aloe Vera Oil.  In addition, I infuse Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Calendula Petals and Comfrey Leaves. Calendula has long been used for skin scrapes, cuts, burns, and bruises and is said to have regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.  Comfrey, contains allantoin which is said to be anti-inflammatory and is emollient, softening the skin.

These soaps are in the round, a shape perfect for a shaving mug, they are packaged in a brown kraft box.  Women love using this soap as well.  It leaves your legs with a soft and silky feel after shaving!  Soaps weigh approximately 2 ounces.

Bay Rum Shaving Soap


A blend of Orange, Clove Bud, West Indian Bay, Allspice, and Lime Essential Oils.  A classic scent, reminds one of the Caribbean, exotic and spicy!  

These soaps also contain Kaolin Clay which gives the shaving soap slip that helps the razor glide over your skin. OUT OF STOCK.  CHECK BACK SOON.


Shaving Brushes

The best shaving brush choice is one with badger bristles.  These bristles help produce more lather for shaving by holding more water and having softer bristles.  These brushes  are very long lasting.  A high-quality badger brush will last a lifetime. Some individuals may not want to make that kind of investment when first starting to shaving with a shaving soap.  We offer a less expensive option, a boar bristle brush.  Still a good brush that will last a long time for you.  The bristles are shorter and a bit more brittle so they hold less water which will affect the shave somewhat.

Badger Bristle Shaving Brush


A high-quality badger brush will last a for considerably longer than a boar bristle shaving brush. Badger bristle brushes hold more water and make a thicker lather.  If you are serious about shaving with a soap and brush and plan on shaving this way most of the time, a Badger bristle brush is the way to go. 

These brushes are made in England.


Boar Bristle Shaving Brush


If you have never shaved with a shaving soap and brush and are not sure whether it is an option that you will stick with long term, then a less expensive Boar Bristle shaving brush is a good option.  it will let you get a feel for this way of shaving.  Give it a try, I have a feeling you will enjoy the shave much better than your current one!