Facial Products

Natural, herbal, and uncomplicated facial care product line.  All containing natural preservatives that allow for gentle skincare and gentle Earth care!   Start with a mild soap for cleansing the face, follow with an Herbal Toner to remove any residual dirt and debris and finish with a Face Lotion to moisturizer and soothe your skin.  Use  the clay mask occasionally to exfoliate. You will be delighted with how your skin feels and looks.

Facial Oil

Use this lightweight oil on fine lines and wrinkles at night or all over your face under your favorite moisturizer.  This oil absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturized. 

Facial Oil


Ingredients and some of their benefits for the skin:

Cold-pressed Pomegranate Seed Oil which may aid in naturally protecting the skin from UV rays, it is high in Vitamin C and moisturizes. 

Rosehip Seed Oil from the Rosa canina bush.  High in Vitamins A and C which aids collagen production, and high in essential fatty acids, hydrates skin.

Argan Oil helps protect from sun damage, may aid skin healing, soothes and softens skin.

Essential Oils.

3% Rose, Chamomile and Sandalwood Absolute in Jojoba, Geranium and Clary Sage. 


Facial Steams

Now with all organic herbs. Steams cleanse your face by opening your pores to allow toxins to be released. We have lovely blend of herbs for a natural and gentle facial cleanse. This treatment is soothing and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. You will need boiling water, a large bowl and a towel.  Once the herbs are placed in the water, allow them to steep and then put your face over the bowl of water and cover your head with a towel.  Do not allow your face to be too close to the water. Caution: do not use a steam if you have broken veins!

Facial Steam


All organic ingredients with soothing and toning properties!  Organic Fennel Seed (astringent, cleansing), Calendula petals (healing), Chamomile (cleansing, anti-inflammatory),  Elder Flowers (astringent, cleansing, moisturizing), Roses, Lavender (antiseptic, invigorating), and  Comfrey Leaves (emollient, moisturizing).  This formulation is packaged in a glass bottle that contains  two applications. 0.50 ounce.