Herbal Products 

Lavender and Roses Herbal Bath Teas - Now with all organic herbs!


A great way to enjoy an herbal bath without causing any problems with your bathroom plumbing.  This herbal blend is packaged in a large tea bag that allows your bath water to become infused with the beneficial herbal properties.  Each tea bag is paper that is oxygen bleached.  Two tea bags per package.  Organic Roses, Organic Lavender and Organic Oatstraw, Rose Essential Oil in Jojoba.


Lavender Dryer Pillows


These lovely large tea bags allow for use for 4-6 cycles in the dryer to scent your clothes. You can also use in your lingerie drawer, in your linen closet or tucked into your pillowcase to help you sleep. Lavender will help deter moths so you can also use for long term winter clothes storage.  Each package contains 3 pillows.